Much like the way different languages are translated, presented technical information frequently extends beyond the range of the receiver’s knowledge and experience. Researchers, product developers, and manufacturers know their topic inside and out. However, even the most experienced and talented end-users of the new technology require explanation (and persuasion) as to why it matters to them.


Technical Writing

Engineering technical writing communicates hard to understand data/information to targeted audiences. There are differences between technical writing, copywriting, and content writing. Generally, each form requires a skilled writer that both understands the information and can express its value to the intended audience.

An engineering-trained technical writer/copywriter can improve UX (user experience) and can drive product success. A technical writer who is also an engineer can speak to both the marketing brand team and to the SME in their own language. He acts as the translator between the two groups to deliver the best outcome possible. An engineering-trained writer absorbs the benefits of the technology from the SME, and communicates them in a way the audience will care about. But how can the author excite the audience about the new idea or product?


Technical Content Writing

A technical content writer considers the goal of the content and develops strategies to achieve it. Solid understanding of the subject matter can lead to more compelling content. To truly excite the audience, the technical details of an idea must be enveloped within addressing the intended audience’s pain point. The reader has to catch how the new technology directly solves their problem. If they do not understand it, they will not value it.

Also, as the client’s engineers have an increasingly strong influence in the buying decision, the technical content writing becomes the bridge between the product development engineer to the client’s end-user or system engineer. This approach yields an inbound marketing strategy that uses available data to bring demonstrate why the product or service helps solve the technical problem. Once the client engineers are engaged, they are a very loyal advocate for your technology. They will work with you as a team to vet the technical details while promoting the benefits.

Engineers benefit from technical content marketing as it is typically the first step in learning whether decision-makers really understand their products. With the engineer backing the marketing effort as the SME, partnering with a technical writer who speaks both to both technical and marketing personnel can endorse the high-value attributes of their technology. This creates a pool of customers (both internal and external) that pull the product to market.

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