There’s good news on the horizon for content writers and marketers alike: The content marketing industry is booming, with an anticipated growth of 14.3% by 2026, according to an analysis by Research Dive. 

This rapid industry growth is a win-win that also comes with unique challenges. For example, as more workers join the field, marketers will face increasing pressure to sift through more content writers to find the needed skills.

This process doesn’t have to be tedious. Successful content writers have easily identifiable traits if you know what you’re looking for:

  1. Successful content writers know their strengths and weaknesses

Saying yes to every project is not a strategy for long-term success in content writing. The best content writers know this and only seek to collaborate with clients who match their area of content expertise – even if that means turning down a sweet gig to a better-suited colleague. If you can’t quickly identify the niche of a content writer you are evaluating, it’s time to move on to someone who will better understand your product needs.

  1. Successful content writers have established credibility

As with any successful career, the best content writers don’t start at the top. Instead, they earn their way up over time by honing their skills and delivering top-quality projects. Their success is marked by client deliverables and reviews that should be readily available on public websites, social media, or upon request.

  1. Successful content writers know what they’re worth

In content writing, you get what you pay for. While rates will vary based on the type of content you need, the best writers know what they’re worth. They don’t need to sucker you in with cheap rates or free pitches. Instead, they request professional-level fees to run a professional-level business – anything less is selling their clients short.

  1. Successful content writers are versatile in content type within their niche

Within their established niche, top content writers can bend their knowledge to any format you need. From blogs to white papers to ebooks, the right writer can explain your product or service to any audience – and they’ll have examples of prior work to prove it.

  1. Successful content writers aren’t afraid to advise you

If you’re new to working with freelance content writers, navigating your first few collaborations can be nerve-wracking. But rest assured, top content writers will help you avoid common pitfalls. They won’t hesitate to clarify information, ask questions up front, or advise you of potential concerns to ensure the end product is the quality you want.

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