Wendy Covey

As a member of TREW Marketing’s writing team, Adam tackled highly technical topics which often required independent research and close collaboration with subject-matter-experts. The white papers, case studies and other content he produced were well-written and positively received by our clients. Adam does particularly standout work with topics related to mechanical engineering.

MJ Smith

I reach out to Adam to help CoLab with SEO writing, because I was intrigued by his background both in content marketing and engineering. So far, working with Adam has been a slam dunk. He is very reliable, delivers content on time, and his writing requires very little editing on our part. The kicker for me, though, is his industry expertise. As a company that markets to engineers, working with someone who has been in an engineering role and speaks that language is invaluable. So happy to have found Adam!

Nicolette Emmino

As someone who has been contracting content pieces from engineering focused writers for years, I’m here to say that Adam is one of the best. It has been my experience that people with the engineering knowledge don’t always have the most proficient writing skills, but Adam has both. It’s refreshing to work with a technical writer who brings some creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking, as well as great writing, to the work. He’s timely, flexible, and communicates about all projects. He has become one of our key writers when it comes to technical projects and we’re thrilled to continue and evolve the relationship.

Kate Moreland

As a lean marketing department, we are often relegated to utilizing spec sheets and instructional manual content as our website content to ensure quick and efficient updates. However, this is written for a highly technical audience with little to no accounting for SEO or customer experience. This is unfortunate as the majority of our web traffic and conversions come from organic web traffic.

However, by working with Adam to improve some of our lessor trafficked product pages, we have increased page traffic by an average of 200% and decreased our bounce rate by 12%. These metrics are a huge indicator of the power of content and will encompass our planning moving forward.

Hugh Fisher

We engaged with Adam/ASK Consulting Solutions to deliver articles on important trends for the electronics design engineers in our audience at a global electronic components distributor. Adam’s knowledge of that domain and his experience writing for engineers helped us inform and engage this key segment, with a noticeable impact on our content marketing efforts. Highly recommended.

Kristen Ballard

As a content marketing manager hiring and managing freelance writers, Adam has brought me the great benefit of having engineering training and experience. Understanding the technical aspect and also the AUDIENCE that we are trying to reach makes my job easier. Also, Adam is incredibly easy to communicate with and even more importantly, keeps me on deadline! His experience in technical writing and marketing strategy are Adam’s strengths and helps make our partnership successful.

Eric McDowell

Adam is a wonderful technical content writer. With deep subject matter expertise, Adam is a master at finding the right angle, level of detail, and tone for a wide range of audiences, from engineers to business decision-makers. Beyond being airtight on the page, his copy is always delivered on time and in scope, making it easy for his clients to see results sooner. He’s also a pleasure to work with, and someone I would recommend for any technical content project.

Tina Hamberg

Adam came highly recommended by another industry connection, and I couldn’t be happier with the results of his work (and our partnership). We needed someone with Adam’s expertise to develop content for our very technical audience and he delivered! It is challenging to find subject matter experts in the industry that know how to hit that sweet spot of writing technically sound articles that are also easily digestible. Adam does just that. He has been so easy to work with, very flexible, with a fair price for project development. Our third project specifically included featured content from five different companies. Coordinating schedules, etc. for one company is hard enough; however, Adam was able to quickly and efficiently get the information needed from all five. With the addition of his expertise and contributions to that project, it has been a homerun. I look forward to working with him on additional projects.

Anne Plaza

Adam came highly recommended by one of our writers and he did not disappoint. His understanding of the industry and technical concepts makes his articles easily understandable. Adam has a knack for explaining complex things in simple terms, with a tone of voice that fits our brand perfectly. He is also quick to understand what our company does and what we require, making it easy to work with him with the expected results.


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