Is your business ready for 2023?

Although many of us are focused on closing out 2022, the savviest businesses are already developing their comprehensive content marketing strategies for 2023. 


The field of content marketing is constantly evolving. What worked for your company last year may no longer work for the next. As a result, successful companies must continuously re-evaluate their competitiveness in the modern market. Businesses that recognize the need to get a jump start on the latest content trends will be the ones reaping the most rewards.

The data bear out the need to modernize. According to one 2022 marketing report, most potential clientele must now engage with at least 3 to 5 pieces of content from a business before they are willing to engage with a sales team. An additional 30% will require more than five pieces of content each. 

Changing clientele preferences mean businesses will need to adapt their current content strategies to include an increase in diverse content for increased clientele consumption. With this, companies can gain more robust conversion to their sales teams.

Does your company have enough content prepared?

The consensus among marketing trend reviews also suggests that businesses should make additional changes. For example, these include an increased need to base digital content on voice-based search tactics to enhance search engine optimization, the incorporation of more agile marketing strategies, and increased emphasis on interactive and influencer content.

Is your business content strategy up-to-date?

Over half of marketers have already reported their intention to increase content marketing budgets for 2023, acknowledging these changing trends. But raising spending won’t be enough as trends change quickly. Only those who prioritize developing their content strategy well before implementation can avoid the risk of missing the rapidly-evolving trends entirely. 

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