Thought Leadership

Middle of Funnel (MOFU) “How to…”

For technical content, many readers are already aware of their problem – just not how to solve it. Effective thought leadership assigns you a level of expertise based on how well you articulate and solve the problem.

We leverage industry experience to unlock unique, novel points of view from your subject matter experts to position you as the expert. You think differently, but the market needs to understand why.


Content audits and repurposing

Refresh your existing to publish faster
You may have a library of great content published over time…that is sitting idle and not working for you.

We can review and refresh legacy content with an updated keyword strategy and new market insights. This approach elevates content from page 2 (or lower) to page 1, and gives readers a new take on a quality point of view.

Product-Led Content

Bottom of funnel (BOFU) Conversion

Content that confirms the buying decision when a prospect likes your point of view. Examples are:


  • Comparison pages (with existing solutions)
  • How unique product features deliver customer transformations
  • Case studies
  • Interview and podcast summaries
  • Product launch collateral

SEO Content Writing

Accelerated lead generation

If no one can find your content, it won’t help them solve their problem.

We use engineering expertise to understand market insights, then convert those into a lead generation engine focused on keywords that elevate your content to the top of search results.

Following constantly-changing search algorithms, we ensure your content will stand out and begin delivering warm, inbound leads often after the first campaign.


Fractional partnership

Long-term, deep engagement to extend your team

Fractional is the new way businesses are adding expertise. Partnering with ASKCS with long-term engagement provides you:

  • Ownership over an element of your content
  • Bolt-on subject matter, R&D, and engineering expertise
  • Technical capability to unlock insights from your SMEs
  • Turnover-proofing your content team
  • Significant value (quality + cost) improvement over agencies with junior copywriters
  • Reduced burden on internal teams
  • Project management
  • Training and process development for content programs
  • Access to market-current strategies and best practices to continuously improve
  • Thought partnership and business development support from a senior technical leader

Content Strategy 

The plan and framework to deliver customers to you

Content strategy is the essential first step for:

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Confirming the content goal
  • Refining your target audience
  • Defining where they look for content
  • Identifying what types of content resonate with them
  • Where you should distribute to reach the target audience

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