From industry manufacturing to robo-calls, artificial intelligence is upending the job market as we know it. With millions more jobs facing changes, will AI replace professional content writers like me, too?


Thankfully, the short answer is no – at least not yet. But this does raise a second, more important question: What does a human technical content writer have that an AI content generator doesn’t? Isn’t technical content exactly what AI should excel at?

Artificial intelligence is perhaps most simply defined as a machine or computer that simulates human intelligence to perform tasks, solve problems or make decisions. By leveraging complex algorithms and high computing prowess, AI holds many advantages over its human rivals. It can sift through information far more quickly and effectively. It can parse and analyze data faster. It can pull content from more sources over longer periods of publication with ease. It can even produce long-from content by synthesizing its generated content from elsewhere.


But for all it can do, there’s one thing it can’t: It can’t feel, and at least for now, humans can still tell the difference.


Early studies show that even the most novel AI content generators continue to be detected roughly half the time by human readers, a statistic that should put every marketing team on high alert. It seems that for all of our flaws, our emotions still allow us to relate in a way that machines simply can’t – and no amount of coldly-calculated content can mimic that yet.


But there are ways that AI is helping technical content writers to “work smarter, not harder,” and even allow us to produce more accurate, higher quality end products for clients. By using AI to automate research, gather data and even review writing samples for grammatical errors, professional content writers can now spend more of their time optimizing technical content for delivery to the human mind – because even the most discerning subject matter experts still want content that speaks to them as individuals, even if they don’t think that they do.

Eventually, it’s very possible that AI will evolve to master human emotions – or at least mimic them well enough that most of us can no longer tell the difference. But for the foreseeable future, this is not the case, and professional content writers are here to deliver top-shelf content – for humans, by humans!

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