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Creating a Custom Rackmount PC Controller for Longevity


7 Answers You Need for a Test System That Lasts

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MEMS Sensors Monitor Fuel Performance

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How a Custom-Designed Chassis Reduces System Cost

Project leads approached General Technics to design a custom chassis for the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME), an interferometric radio telescope at the Dominion Radio Observatory in British Columbia, Canada. The telescope can quickly map the universe by processing large amounts of data with a supercomputer.

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Lange Couplers and Their Use in RF/Microwave System Design

The Lange Coupler was developed by Dr. Julius Lange of Texas Instruments in 1969, while his group was engineering microwave amplifiers on thin film ceramic substrates

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PXI Card Basics: Four Considerations When Choosing PXI Cards

PXI cards provide the interfaces for individual instrumentation functions to mount to the chassis. Modular in nature, PXI cards allow the test system to be flexible, adding and reconfiguring the hardware to the base architecture while integrating software that optimizes performance.

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Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Market Trends

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are the workhorse capacitors of the electronics industry. Global demand is driven by innovation from IoT growth, smart TVs, and the automotive industry, coupled with organic demand from consumer electronics (e.g. smartphones) and rising GDP per capita. 

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How to Specify a Filter

Manufactured using a thin-film process, Microstrip (planar) filters can offer a high quality factor (Q) and a reduced packaging envelope when compared to discrete lumped element designs, and are more practical at higher frequencies.

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Challenges and Solutions to Global Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor Shortage

Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) are a highly efficient, robust, and mature product that are enabling rapid innovation across a myriad of industries and expanding numbers of applications. However, with global demand for these critical components at an all-time high, at the moment there is a global shortage in their supply – especially in the traditional, non-specialized geometries. 

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Edge Analytics: Expansion of IoT Devices Creating Demand for Bandwidth

Physical objects that contain data sensing, analysis and recording functions coupled with the ability to remotely communicate comprise the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices number 3.8 billion across all industries today, and are expected to grow to between 25-50 billion by 2020, creating a projected market around $19 trillion. 

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State of Big Data in the Financial Industry

A 2013 SAS Financial Services Executive Summit provided the following conclusions from a panel discussion that took place at the summit. The thesis of the conclusion reiterates the case for Big Data, and underscores the importance close collaboration between Finance and IT. 

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A Global Force in Data Center Hardware, Service, and Expertise

thomastech is your partner for Enterprise hardware servers, storage, and seamless support.

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