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In this episode dive deep into the challenges and strategies of creating compelling technical content for industrial and manufacturing companies. Adam Kimmel, a seasoned engineer turned marketing consultant, shares his expertise on bridging the gap between complex technical concepts and effective customer communication.

Adam Kimmel, Principal Technical Content Writer at ASK Consulting, spends his days boiling down highly technical information into consumable content targeted to specific audience personas.

In this episode, we cover a ton of ground — from what behaviors make a technical writer successful to how to extract the right information from subject-matter experts. Aside from the numerous nuggets of advice, what struck me most is one word that kept creeping in throughout our discussion: context.

In this podcast, Full-time freelancer and creator of, Christine G, interviews Adam Kimmel about how he runs a successful 6 figure technical writing business.

Learn how he transitioned from Engineer to Technical Writer and how he now helps others to do the same.

Engineers are brilliant, but not all of them embrace the art of writing and storytelling. Why? We chat with an engineer-turned-content writer to discuss the challenges engineers face when it comes to writing, how to improve technical writing skills, and why it matters to your engineering career. Tune in for advice from the engineer who knows how to write!

Listen to Adam’s Appearance on the Kula Ring Podcast by visiting their website via the link below.

Among the manufacturing marketers, we talk to, developing technical content that is engaging and meets engineers at their level is a significant challenge. In this week’s episode, Adam Kimmel—a technical content writer for engineers and founder of ASK Consulting Solutions—shares the tricks of the trade. Learn from Adam how to translate engineering knowledge into engaging content people actually want to read.

How Engineer Adam Kimmel Launched a Part-Time, Six-Figure Writing Business.

Adam Kimmel describes how he built his six-figure content writing business on the side while working full-time as an engineer.

Listen to Adam’s recent appearance on the Fluid Power Forum.  

A great conversation with Eric Lanke about advancements in fluid power technology innovation. Listen in to hear what’s coming in an ever-changing hydraulics landscape.

ASKCS were recently commissioned by the organizers of IFPE (the International Fluid Power Exposition) to write a white paper on technology advancements driving the fluid power market forward. Following this I was invited onto the forum to discuss more about those findings and what they might mean for the technology likely to be on display at the IFPE trade show.

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