What is the most efficient way to increase the amount of organic traffic your website receives? It starts with SEO content writing, a process that employs a series of digital strategies to increase the quality and quantity of unpaid visitors via user searches to your website. This strategy is different than traffic generated by direct or paid web advertisements.

A quick Google search will reveal countless blogs and resources on how to apply the basics of SEO. Some articles will even focus on SEO for social media marketing. Ultimately, the most common suggestions boil down to the following: 

  1. Use keywords and phrases in your digital content that are most likely to be searched by potential clients or customers,
  2. Apply internal and/or external links, especially links that lead to other prominent and well-respected web sources,
  3. Add relevant tags, titles, images, and content length to best capitalize on user searches, and
  4. Make your website mobile device friendly and optimize site indexes.

These recommendations work, yet one of the best ways to boost SEO is rarely included: More new content more often.

Updating your website with quality new content is easily one of web owners’ best tools to increase organic traffic. By posting new and quality content frequently, web owners can increase the likelihood that Google’s web crawlers will locate their site more quickly. As Google is the most commonly utilized search engine by users, it’s critical to accommodate their practices.

Google’s primary web crawler is called Google Bot. This automated robot is programmed to seek out, review and track content. Most websites are crawled every 4 to 30 days. However, Google Bot often prioritizes new content. This means that new content posted at regular intervals on a website can expedite the rate of site reviews by Google and is ultimately more likely to get ranked higher.

Successful SEO strategies go beyond using keywords or phrases. Curating content that can create consistent, quality writing to match best SEO practices is one more tool to elevate the utility of your digital content. 

Do you need help creating new, consistent content to boost organic web traffic? Contact us at mail@askconsultingsolutions.com for a free consultation on a process that has led our clients to 200% organic search improvement results.

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