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Product Development, Design, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations, Agile, Smart Manufacturing, Simulations



Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Engineering (CAE) Simulations, Product Development, and Advanced Research Approaches to Conceptualize and Develop the Product



Classical Techniques, AI, Smart Manufacturing, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Additive Manufacturing, and 3D Printing to Fabricate, Inspect, and Qualify the Product



Product Development, Product Design, Agile, Lean, Engineering Design Review, Design for Manufacture, Collaborative Design & Manufacturing, B2B SaaS 

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Why AI is Critical to Turbocharging Lean Efforts 

This white paper explores digital lean and AI as the next iteration of traditional lean manufacturing.


Manufacturing White Papers and Ebooks 

Hidden Costs of Product Development: Achieving Product Excellence Within Budget

5 Signs You May Be Behind in Product Development, and How to Catch Up

Achieving Product Excellence With the Syncroness Product Development Process

Manufacturing Articles and Blog Posts

Coral Sul FLNG

Spontaneous imbibition of liquids in glass‐fiber wicks. Part I: Usefulness of a sharp‐front approach

Coral Sul FLNG

Case Study: The Case for Just-In-Time Inventory Management

Coral Sul FLNG

White Paper: How to Improve Resiliency in the Medical Device
Supply Chain

Coral Sul FLNG

Case Study: Overcoming Barriers of Adopting ISO 80369

Coral Sul FLNG

White Paper: Actionable Steps to Eliminate Small-Bore Connector Misconnection

Coral Sul FLNG

The top 3 barriers to effective supplier collaboration (and how to overcome them)

Coral Sul FLNG

How to improve supplier relationships with stronger technical reviews

Coral Sul FLNG

How to Infuse Supply Chain Optimization into Your VA/VE Strategy

Coral Sul FLNG

VA/VE in Action: Effective Tools for Transforming Your Next Initiative

Coral Sul FLNG

7 Steps of an Effective VA/VE Process that Protect Product Quality

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