Good marketing content is a universal need regardless of if you work for a tech start-up or a Fortune 500 company. But what’s the best way to have that content produced?


Traditional models might suggest that creating content in-house would be best, but modern companies have come to learn the value of hiring on demand. Skeptical? Here are six reasons you should rethink using a full-time staffer and hire a freelance content writer instead:

1. Expertise


While pulling content writers from within your company might seem like a great idea, it also dramatically reduces the pool of talent to choose from. Especially for highly specialized or technical fields, having a subject matter expert with real-life experience in addition to writing experience will greatly enhance and expedite your ability to communicate with your audience. 


  1. Fill in the gaps between staff turnover


Whether it’s due to gaps in turnover or employee leave, we’ve all been in the situation where deadlines are piling up and there simply aren’t enough people to meet them. This is the perfect situation to hire a freelancer. By skipping all the hiring and training time, marketers can quickly source out content on-the-go. 


  1. Budget friendly


Sure, high-quality content will cost you. But hiring full-time employees will cost you more. With freelancers, there are no employee packages, benefits, perks or equipment needed. Getting your project completed is as simple as purchasing what you need, no more, no less. 


  1. Faster turnaround time 


Producing high-quality content often takes an immense amount of time, especially when you’re trying to pull together multiple staff within your team. But when you hire expert freelance content writers this means they are both a subject matter expert and an established writer, allowing you to cut project iterations and reduce delivery time by weeks or even months.


  1. Project retainers


Most people think of freelancers as people you hire for a quick project or two, but that’s not the only model. Especially if you’re seeking to create voice consistency in your material, hiring a freelance content writer on retainer saves you even more time and money. In fact, hiring freelancers on retainer is arguably the best use of this model.


  1. Cut ties


For most companies, there’s no headache like a bad employee. This is where freelancers shine. By working on a per project basis, we can’t slack off or lose our cool if we want to stay employed. This means we work harder and smarter so you keep coming back. Still don’t feel the freelancer you’ve hired is the right fit? No worries. It’s as simple as not recommitting to projects. No harm, no foul, and best of all, no hurt feelings.

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