Is your company experiencing high turnover? Are you struggling to produce high-quality content for your products or services? Are you seeking a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution?

If so, you should hire a freelance writer immediately.

Freelance content writers are the perfect go-to experts for producing high-quality written content. With various writing styles and core expertise available, the right freelance writer can help you quickly and efficiently outsource your company’s projects without the immense time and hassle required to hire new employees. 

No project is too big or too small. 

Freelance content writers typically offer a wide range of services, including social media posts, website content, blogs, technical reviews, ebooks, and even full-length books. Best of all, each writer’s core expertise varies, so you can pick someone who best suits your marketing needs.

For example, as a full-time engineer, my expertise is in helping companies speak fluidly between their technical experts and their clients. This means that my clients spend less time attempting to translate engineer-speak into marketable content, thereby reducing copy iterations and the amount of time required to complete projects. This instantly equates to money saved.

A successful partnership with a freelance content writer is key to success, which means finding the right expert for your business. Although the process may seem daunting initially, any upfront efforts to recruit a strong candidate will more than pay for themselves. This is particularly true if you have a series of projects and can lock in the freelancer on retainer, creating a ready-sourced expert on demand and streamlining your content voice.

Locating the right freelancer can be as easy as using standard business tools such as LinkedIn, Upwork or similar sites where marketers can quickly and easily review client reviews, expert recommendations, and project experience. Remember that you always get what you pay for; you can have only two at a time of the good-fast-cheap decision; companies who choose good and fast usually win. It’s not worth compromising quality for price in content. 

Hiring experienced freelance content writers is a cost-effective and efficient way to boost your company’s competitive edge, especially during high turnover or uncertain economic times. I’ve had clients increase their content visibility by more than 200%. Now that’s money well spent!

To learn more about how freelance content writers can help you and your company, contact us at And comment below if you know of more ways freelance content writers can help!

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