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What is Digital Copywriting?

While content writing provides insights and useful information to its readers, many clients have specific needs they want to highlight.

Digital copywriting is content aimed at motivating the reader to act. New website roll-outs and advertising campaigns are classic examples.

ASK Consulting provides content for major website launches and re-boots. We can conduct interviews, (with your firm and/or directly with your customer), provide research, and attend client meetings to ensure the key message is heard.

Having an expert, third-party viewpoint frequently uncovers new ideas to make the end product more impactful.

ASK Consulting is the digital copywriting expert that can adapt to rapid changes in scope, project timing, intent, or a combination.

We provide:

Web copy

Social media posts

Ad campaign copy

Journal articles

Scientific writing


Harness Our Passion

Our passion is making sure you and your customer are as excited to share the end product as we were to create it.

Different projects will require different messaging, so we’re accustomed to seamlessly working with a cross-functional (and inter-company) team of brand strategists and public relations experts to best articulate the brand’s message.

Our engineering background also translates to copyediting, to ensure the content flows well and the message is conveyed, efficiently and simply.

Trained engineers are meticulous (to say the least!), and analysis of overall flow, grammar and event proofreading is inherent with all of our work.

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