Content Strategy

Map the journey you want your audience to take

What is Content Strategy?

Generating reactive content based on existing published information is like starting a drive without knowing the destination. Content Strategy and Planning builds the roadmap to define what content you need to create, who you should speak to, and where the gaps are in the existing subject material.
At ASK Consulting, our passion is working with you and your subject experts to create a targeted, rich, content plan full of thought leadership and solutions to your clients’ biggest problems. We’ll help you weave together short, medium, and long-form content to deliver a cohesive, clear story – in the voice your clients expect to hear.

Audience definition

Demographics, Other Visited Sites, Channels/Influencers, Pain Points


Content audits

Inventory, Organize/Tag, Define Success Metrics, Analyze Data for Trends

Goal Setting

Identify What Content Should Achieve for Your Business


Competitor strength/weakness analysis


Market Gap Identification

Identify new markets for content

Persona Development

Identify Who Our Target Audience and User Is

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Harness Our Expertise

Your potential clients only have so much time they are willing to devote to your inbound marketing. If expert, compelling content marketing and copywriting is a house, then a clear, efficient and targeted strategy is its strong foundation. It is about how to maximize this content to make a good marketing effort greatDefining a clear message is a simple concept, but it is very difficult to execute.

The worst result is content that confuses the reader. Conversely, optimized content released in a deliberate way reaches a larger set of desired audience more frequently. And best: defining the strategy upfront allows it to be managed passively, increasing the ROI of the content effort and freeing up more of your time.

Ready to Get Started?

With years of experience writing for technical firms, we have cultivated the vision to see what your content plan should be – sometimes before you have realized it yourself.

Through team and key partner interviews and research into competitors, we can help you define an airtight roadmap to publish, promote and manage your content capital.


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