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Client Overview

CoLab is a leading provider of CAD collaboration solutions. They was already making strides with decent search rankings on six primary keywords.

However, they aspired to enhance their online visibility by securing front-page positions for those keywords and building search rankings from scratch for seven additional terms tied to a crucial use case. To achieve these ambitious goals, CoLab sought the expertise of an experienced content strategist.

The Challenge 

CoLab, a prominent CAD collaboration solutions provider, embarked on a mission to amplify its online presence and achieve front-page visibility for primary keywords. Confronted by fierce competition and the intricacies of search engine algorithms, this endeavor presented a formidable challenge.

Additionally, CoLab sought to establish search rankings from scratch for seven new keywords tied to a crucial use case. Successfully ranking for new keywords without pre-existing authority demands a well-executed content strategy. Overcoming the hurdles of content marketing in a competitive landscape, CoLab aimed to generate inbound leads by delivering valuable and resonating content to their target audience – engineers. Meeting the needs of engineers through content creation posed its own set of challenges.


The Solution 

Meeting the needs of engineers through content creation posed its own set of challenges. As the 6-month engagement progressed, measuring the impact and ROI of content marketing emerged as a critical consideration, necessitating comprehensive tracking and analytics.

While patience was crucial for achieving meaningful results over the course of several months, maintaining consistency and quality throughout the period required constant creativity, research, and adaptation to dynamic trends and audience preferences.

Ultimately, competing with well-established players in the market for search rankings and audience attention required perseverance and expertly crafted content. CoLab’s remarkable journey showcases the power of a well-planned content strategy in conquering the complexities of the digital landscape and reaping the rewards of lead generation and increased visibility.

The Results

Results from a Niche Post: One of the first blog posts delivered remarkable outcomes, starting from zero traffic volume over six months:

– Top-Ranked Post: The blog post secured the top position for the target keyword, gaining prominence among the competition.

– Impressive Clicks: With over 200 clicks, the post successfully garnered significant traffic and attention.

– High Impressions: The post achieved an impressive 5600 impressions, indicating broad exposure and visibility.

– Growth: Over the final two months of the measurement period, the post exhibited an astounding 300% improvement in performance, demonstrating the efficacy of the content strategy.

– Inbound Leads: In just four months into the engagement, CoLab started receiving inbound leads, showcasing the tangible impact of the content program.

“Working with Adam has been a slam dunk. He is very reliable, delivers content on time, and his writing requires very little editing on our part. The kicker for me, though, is his industry expertise.”

MJ Smith

VP of Marketing, CoLab

“Adam quickly got up to speed and was a valuable extension of our team. We saw significant improvements in our SEO initiatives and he consistently delivered on time.

His engineering background proved to be invaluable and shone through with his content”

Adam Taffe

Digital Marketing Manager, CoLab

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