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Manufacture and Processing of Industrial, Consumer, and Pharmaceutical-Grade Chemicals

Chemical Processing

How Chemicals are Made and Chemical Process Flow

Chemical Safety

Impact of Standards and Regulations, Proper Handling and Storage, Compatibility, and Environmental Considerations

Featured Case Study

EP3Med: Utilized as Sensor Encapsulant in Prosthetic Device

Researchers at The University of Tennessee have employed EP30Med in their measurement tools and gauges for their medical device applications for its low viscosity, a non-rapid set up time, USP Class VI approval and other performance properties.

Chemical Case Studies 

EP29LP: Reference Surfaces for Vehicle Scanner Calibration

UV16: Utilized in Bonding Applications for Microring Resonators, Optical Waveguides and Confocal Microscopes

Chemical Articles and Blog Posts

Coral Sul FLNG

Optimize Sample Cooler Temperatures for Ideal Results

Coral Sul FLNG

How to Maximize Your Budget with Custom Butane Sampling Solutions

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