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We specialize in creating written content for engineering firms
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Our Background

ASK Consulting Solutions are a technical content writing and consulting firm, based in Milwaukee.

We have over 20 years of experience across multiple engineering and technology disciplines in the industrial sector, research, and academia.

Our areas of expertise are content marketing writing, digital copywriting and content strategy for the engineering industry.

ASK Consulting Solutions has consistently demonstrated independence, a willingness to be proactive (in particular as an external/part-time resource), and a broad knowledge of a variety of technical disciplines and subjects.

ASKCS has taken it upon itself to do necessary background research to write well-crafted, technically accurate overviews and responses. This yielded a professional relationship where I knew that not only would any tasks I gave them be completed, they would be done on time, above expectations, and could be in any technical field I could come up with.

I would highly recommend ASK Consulting Solutions’ services, not only in technical content/writing, but also in material planning, editing, and idea generation. They provide a well-rounded and industry-experienced voice that rings clear to readers from any discipline.

– Paula Hock, PhD


Meet The Team

Adam Kimmel

Principal and Founder


Eric Mayhue

Marketing and Web Design


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Technical Content Writing

Educate the audience and demonstrate your expertise.

Our writing will help you build immediate trust with your audience.

Digital Copywriting

Highlight your strengths and motivate the audience to engage with you.

Let us help you inspire your customer base.

Content Strategy

Map the journey you want your audience to take.

Let us help you define your brand message path.

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