About Us

ASK Consulting Solutions is a Milwaukee-based technical content writing and consulting firm, specializing in content marketing writing, digital copywriting and content strategy. We have over 20 years of experience across multiple engineering and technology
disciplines in the industrial sector, research, and academia.

Why You Need Technical Content Marketing

ASK Consulting Solutions

The most innovative and complex engineering ideas are worthless if not effectively communicated to internal and external customers – if they do not understand it, they will not value it.

It is imperative that you tell your story exactly the way your customer needs to hear it. Creating this voice is what ASK Consulting does best, and we are excited to do it for you.

Why Us?

With our robust technical acumen, we add technical horsepower to the project team along with creating powerful content the engineering experience comes with the content marketing.

Our team adds instant credibility to a project by expertly tailoring the subject matter to the target audience, be it technical experts, executives or a combination of team members with diverse backgrounds.

We insist on maintaining only the highest ethical, industry and professional standards to ensure you are thrilled with our
content writing. We are passionate about innovation, and love to help companies win in the marketplace.


Meet Our Team

Adam Kimmel - ASK Consulting Solutions Founder and Principle

Adam Kimmel
Principal and Founder

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Eric Mayhue Marketing and Web Design for ASK Consulting Solutions

Eric Mayhue
Marketing and Web Design

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