With hydrogen markets soaring, products such as e-fuels, electrolyzer, and fuel cells are soaking up major capital investments. Which companies are leading the way?

Based on a 2021 Allied Market Research report — coupled with a few picks of our own — here are 6 key players poised to shape the future of clean energy.

Liquid Wind The very name elicits a luxurious tropical vacation, with palm trees swaying in a warm breeze. Luckily, given a new partnership with Siemens Energy to accelerate eMethanol delivery by 2024, they might make your next beach trip carbon-neutral. Coral reefs without the guilt of carbon emissions? Yes, please.

Siemens Energy This powerhouse company has turned an eye toward large-scale hydrogen infrastructure. In what Siemens calls “Power-to-X,” they’ve got their sights set on dominating the production of e-fuels via electrolysis, which produces hydrogen by breaking water molecules apart with high energy inputs. Siemens is also using their brand to forge critical partnerships, such as with Liquid Wind, central to the hydrogen movement.

Next Hydrogen With a keen focus on advancing water electrolyzers, this company is working to innovate for economics and scalability. To do this, they feature a product that captures a full range of electrical power — including intermittent renewables — geared toward on-site production. This allows utility-scale energy at more affordable costs, advancements that are sure to be noted.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. “Oh, Canada.” This maple leaf-based company is rapidly deploying its fuel cell technology worldwide. Targeting European Union markets, they’ve already announced a collaboration with Holland on a clean energy public bus transit system. With a wide range of transportation applications, they’re likely to see much growth. Bonus: This company was listed as a #1 stock opportunity in 2021 by Fuel Cell Works for investors.

Cummins Another market winner, this company announced the closing acquisition of Hydrogenics at the end of 2019, solidifying their presence in the hydrogen scene. In combination with support from Air Liquide, they now have ownership of both fuel cell and hydrogen generation capabilities.

McPhy Energy Reminiscent of Marty McFly, McPhy Energy is taking us to the future by integrating electrolysis as the basis for their speedy, on-site hydrogen refueling stations. As Doc Brown would say, “Great Scott!”

These are just a few of the incredible companies shaping hydrogen energy. Know more? We’d love to hear from you! Also, check out our list of top hydrogen markets on our blog.

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