From philosophers to investors, artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the modern world with curiosity and potential. Now, it’s poised to dominate cybersecurity.

Financially, it makes sense. A recent report showed global data breaches cost upwards of $3.86 million and can take over six months for companies to recover from. It’s yet another example of how an upfront investment helps reduce cost in the long run.

AI-driven cybersecurity is a competitive market, making it hard to choose only a few good ones. Still, here are a few companies we’ve got our eye on:


This award-winning, self-learning cyber AI is sparking lots of conversation among cybersecurity experts. With thousands of algorithms to protect data wherever it is stored, Darktrace could be an industry leader. There’s one catch: It’s founder, Mike Lynch, is being pursued for 17 counts of conspiracy and fraud by the U.S. Department of Justice. It’s making shareholders uneasy, and the company will need to manage any fallout if they’re to see continued growth and success.


Another award-winning autonomous AI, this company uses information intelligence to approach security tasks. This streamlines the process of identifying and mapping out critical data to protect it from wannabe hackers. With potential partnerships underway, it’ll be worth watching how Cognni grows.

Deep Instinct

If you’re thinking this should be a movie title, we agree. Does Michelle Pfeiffer get her brain hacked? Perhaps the kid from Sixth Sense grows up and really does see dead people? Who knows, but in real life, this company claims to leverage some of the most advanced AI to predict and prevent cyberattacks before they happen — a core challenge of cybersecurity. It’s a compelling undertaking that just might work.


Admittedly, IBM is the most mundane name of the bunch — but that doesn’t make it any less of a player! Sridhar Muppidi, the Chief Technology Officer of IBM SecurityTM, made a bold claim in his company vision, saying IBM now uses AI in 100% of their products — including security. That’s a solid nod to AI capacities from this tech behemoth, with the power to propel it to the forefront.

With so many companies looking to leverage AI technology, there is so much room for growth. Know of other specialists in the field? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at

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